Hello, Hero! (Inspired by a Christian Gálvez Seminar in Stuttgart, 10. Feb 2018) A hero is an adventurer. A hero is a person who takes risks, sets off on a journey and wins. An entrepreneur. An explorer. A traveller. An opportunist. A celebrity. Big stuff. A personality. A somebody. A star. A champion. A winner. Numero uno. A paladin. A sympathizer. Top dog. A conqueror. An idol. A darling. A beloved one. A favorite person. A role model. An original. Now, there is one movie playing all the time in your life. That movie is called “ME”. In that movie you hold the main role. You are the hero! (Please, look once again at the synonyms above. If you like, think back on the times you have shown those qualities.) Now, ask yourself: if your life was a movie, what kind of a movie would it be like? A drama? A horror? A thriller? Crime? Psycho? Comedy? A love and romance film? A feel-good movie? A documentary? Pornography? Where does the evil come from? Are you the villa
What Could Radical Honesty Teach Us? About 6 months ago, I was notified about a new Meetup in my city. Radical Honesty. I knew nothing on the topic but felt attracted to it. I decided that this time, I would not read anything about it or do any research in advance. Just experiment, see and feel. So, I contacted the trainer. Over a period of 6 months I had 2 personal trainings with him and 2 trainings in a group. The last one with the duration of 8 hours. At some point in time, I read Dr. Blanton's book, the author of Radical Honesty. Admittedly, I did not have the interest to read the whole book. Only today, preparing this article, saw Dr. Blanton’s TED Talk. And I realize, I would have never deepened my experience in Radical Honesty, if I have watched and read on the subject beforehand. Truth is, Dr. Blanton's style does not resonate with me. I don't like the idea of being blunt, direct and impolite. Luckily, being impolite, blunt and totally la
An Honest Jogging (It Is Not About Jogging!) You maybe got the idea about “ false jogging ”. I am happy to have realized (similar to many other people) how glorious, how self-respectful, how harmonious (for body and mind) jogging could be. You also knew that. Nothing new! Now, let me tell you something else. I went jogging exactly … twice ... since I wrote that article. Twice! Then, I turned back to my routine jogging, accompanied by the following lovely self-talk: "It’s cold outside and it’s so cosy in here. It’s just so stressful to get dressed and go out and it is so calm to stay at home. I like to have it calm and cosy. It’s so exhausting to go out there and push myself the first 200m before I die. It saves so much energy and pain to use the couch for the next 200 min and read a book. Besides, I learn so much."   But you knew it, didn’t you? Creating a healthy habit is hard. And painful. And there are so many "good" reasons not to do it. Let
Design Your Life - Building a Compass During my first 12 WOL Circle, I want to I restart my career. First of all, I need clarity about the direction (I have tried a lot during the last years but I feel confused and lost when it comes to my next steps). To restart my career, I am systematically working on the Design Your Life book. In Chapter 2 (week 2) it is about building a compass and building a coherent life and combining the dots – Who am I, What I believe, What am I doing.  The authors of DYL advice us to do the compass recalibration on a yearly basis. Also, anytime we change a situation, we need to first stop, check our compass and orient ourselves. Writing about my lifeview and my workview should take max an hour. It took me days until I was able to formulate my beliefs. But I am happy I did it.  Lifeview I remember looking at my sleeping baby thinking: “She is beautiful. She is absolu
No More False Jogging I finally went jogging. Today. Well, I have been jogging for months. Daily. In my head. What a waste of time! What a fraud! What a waste of potential development of muscle and will power! My daily jogging in my head, the repetition of the mantra "I want to start jogging" plus the "Oh, I will start tomorrow" did not improve my condition. It only weakened my overall stamina and self-respect. And, my mind cheated me beliebing I was already on the right track. That I was doing some progress because I was so busy jogging. In my head. I was out of breath today, after running the first 200m. "In my head I run much longer distances.", I thought. I used to be so sure, I could do much better. In my head. But the reality was "I cannot run long distances. Not yet". After running 200m and then walking 100m and running and walking for about 20min, I realized I did a really good job. Better than the whole months of ... theoretic
The Lessons of a Burning Candle How gentle, how gracious, how steady and centered, and focused, is the life of the burning candle. How quiet and calm. How scenic. How peaceful. No stress. No hectic. No searching for its meaning. No overthinking of how it should burn. It just does it. Doing, in order to be. It is what it is, can’t help it - fulfilling its designated purpose. It is not economical with its warmth and light. No procrastination. No tomorrow. Just now. It might not see tomorrow if the passionate burning fire ate away its body… Just now. It is the act of its doing (burning and lightning) that differentiates it from a piece of wood or a stone. It's own trade mark. It's brand. It would be worthless as a candle if it did not do as it is – be a source of light and a source of warmth for the world - ready to give away it's sparkle in the cause of a greater, bigger
Q1 2018 WOL Circle Report In order to share with you the value I found during my first WOL circle, I will of course, work out loud (going out of my head) and share with you my lessons learned and experiences gathered throughout the whole process. Note, it is work in progress… Interactions with the participants prior to the official start of the circle enriched me through: Great books: No Complains World Loving What Is