3 Great Effects Working Out Loud Can Have on You

Last year, I was at the Entrepreneurship Summit in Berlin (a yearly summit where cool people share cool stuff). There, I heard about a book called Working Out Loud by John Stepper. It was described as THE networking book of our time, as THE Dale Carnegie 2.0; as THE new codex for everyone who wants to grow an abundant mindset, achieve new personal records and thrive happily among like-minded people. Exactly what I have been searching for!

I did not wait to get a second invite and ordered the book right away.
While reading it, John Stepper invited me, to reach out to him through Twitter, which I did, not expecting that this best selling author will look at my cute little twitt. It was such a surprise for me to see that he answered shortly after with a personal message. It felt as if the Universe saw me and started a personal chat with me. Such a gift! So exciting! To be seen and spoken to, with words of approval and inspiration! Shortly after, I was invited by Simon (one of the most generous persons I’ve met) to take part in a 12 week Working Out Loud (Super) Circle. So, basically, the Universe spoke to me twice that day.

In the short time of just a few weeks, preparing for the start of the circle, I was already learning skills at high speed. Getting only the very best sources I could possibly put my hands, eyes and ears on and so 10x faster than by my own! Think about it, what is more powerful: searching, selecting, discarding; searching, selecting, discarding tons of information on the Internet all by yourself to find the gold you need or being plugged in in the … super brain of a group of like-minded people, in the blossom of their personal and professional lives, who are so adorable, so well-read, so caring, so sharing, so appreciating and so supportive! Finding all needed information by myself … took me… years to find. And years to internalize. And now it is just happening. I feel a bit like Neo (yes, the Matrix Neo), sitting there on a chair, plugged in and getting the latest software. Curious about my discoveries? You might be interested in my Q1 2018 WOL report about all the pearls I find.

And then, during the very first week of the circle, I got a name for my pain of feeling …"not good enough"… They call it … imposter syndrome. And, so I am learning to just, love it, my cute little imposter syndrome. Because I see it changing into "I am not good enough ...yet". And that has power. That helps me feel the pain and embrace it; and accept myself (also because so many cool people have it). Hm, it probably can be called "The Cool People Syndrome".

And then, finally, WOL is how the magic happens! It is the space you enter in order to let the Universe see you, form you, guide you, open doors for you, inspire you, feed you... It catalyses processes which otherwise take ages. It is only thank to WOL that you are reading this blog post now. It did not exist beforehand. Well, it was there, in my head, for probably 10 years, but I was so good at hiding my thoughts.

So, just come in and find out how
  1. The Universe will start talking to you
  2. You will go high speed
  3. Magic will start happening in your life

I give the credit for so much positivity to WOL and all the people making it possible, the Universe, and myself.


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